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Roof Repair, Madison TN

What a difference! The homeowners of this house got a new shingle roof, proper attic ventilation thanks to the ridge vents and new PermaBoots that protect the pipe vents!

Roof replacement on a historic house

We really enjoyed working on this old house outside of Springfield, TN! It had leaks on several different spots on the roof, so the homeowners decided for a complete roof replacement. We love how this project turned out!

Roof Replacement in Nashville, TN.

As you can see from the photos, one of them has a lot of algae growth. Our shingles are IKO and have metal mixed in with the asphalt. This ensures that algae cannot grow. It does not like metal. This is why you normally see places on roofs that do not have algae growth, that is because the vents are normally nearby and they are normally made of metal. A beautiful before and after!

Brand New Asphalt Shingle Roof, Nashville, TN

This house needed a new asphalt shingle roof for a very long time! What an amazing difference! 

Roof Replacement in Nashville, TN

Marcus’s house is surrounded by trees and standing under branches that frequently fall on the roof during severe weather. Hail, strong winds, and excessive heat were too harsh for the asphalt roof this house used to have and damaged the roof in several places. As you can see in the “before” photo, the whole roof looks very dull due to asphalt shingles becoming brittle. This roof needed a full new plywood decking and roof replacement.

We removed old shingles and damaged decking and replaced them with a new decking layer. Then, we installed Stormshield Ice and Water Shield Barrier, taped all joints, and installed Synthetic Underlayment on the rest of the decking. This durable, tear-resistant material is engineered to repel water and adhere to the roofing surface. IKO Starter Shingles with fast-sealant technology were installed next.

We enlarged the ridge vent for better ventilation. In summer, hot air escapes through the ridge vent and lowers the energy cost. In wintertime, it prevents snow build-up and ice dams. Last but not least, the old vent pipe boot was removed and replaced with a new black UV-protected Perma-Boot – a special heavy-duty boot that will last as long as the roof!

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