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How To Tell Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Homeowner's roof

Roofs are essential for a house. Deciding between replacement or repair should be an easy choice.

Whether old or new, every house will need some sort of roof repair or replacement at some point in time. Sometimes repairs are a good option for minor damage, but how do we know when a roof is repairable? How do we know if a roof needs to be replaced? Today we will discuss when a roof can be repaired and when it should be replaced.


Roofing contractor at work

Klaus Roofing Systems is determined to repair or replace any roof that needs to be fixed or updated.

  • Existing roof is old
  • Good roof, but some details are failing and need repairs
  • Certain geographical areas that are susceptible to hurricanes, tornados, and hail storms may increase chances of roof damage
  • Improper skylight or flashing installation lead to leaks or damage
  • Homeowner doesn’t know if there’s a problem, but still wants someone to inspect their roof for possible damage

Even problems that can be identified and fixed quickly, such as rotted roof decking, water spots on the interior ceiling, and curling shingles, can become a hassle if left untreated. As mentioned above, we know our roof will need repairs or a replacement at some point and if caught early enough, a repair can extend the roof’s lifespan. However, in other cases a replacement may be the best option if the original problem was not attended to quickly enough. So, which one do we choose?


  • The price of a roof repair is typically cheaper than a replacement
  • House is a rental, and the owner is trying to keep expenses to a minimum
  • Homeowner wants to sell the house and does not want to invest in a new roof
  • Damage is not bad enough for a replacement, but they would like to be proactive and get a repair done to prevent further deterioration

Periodic roof maintenance as needed can extend the life of a roof since the work being done will protect the house from further damage. If there is damage to the roof that needs immediate attention, a repair would be the quickest and simplest way to take care of the problem temporarily. Or, if a few shingles are missing there may be no need to spend more money to pay for a new roof.

The sooner a roof is fixed, the cheaper the job will be. The damage could worsen by waiting to acknowledge the problem, causing the roof to deteriorate. Of course, every roof will eventually need to be replaced, but contacting a roofing contractor for an inspection and maintenance could save time and money!


If a roof needs a minor fix, a repair may be the best option. However, in many cases a roof repair acts as a Band-Aid and only provides a temporary solution. Band-Aids don’t last forever, and the damage that’s been done won’t heal on its own.


Distorted spots on roof

These distorted/discolored spots on this roof are one of many signs that signal towards a replacement.

    • Water is leaking into the home and creating water stains on interior walls/ceilings
    • There are signs of wood rot and mold, which can further compromise the integrity of the roof and create an unhealthy environment in the home
    • The roof is beyond it’s expected service life (typically around 20 years or older)
    • The shingles on the roof are discolored, missing, curled, or look worn down
    • Shingles are broken, torn, loose, buckling, cracked, or missing


A damaged roof

Sometimes a roof's damage is too severe and replacing will be a permanent solution.

Sometimes roofs have sustained severe damage from storms, wood rot, and water intrusion. At this point, a roof replacement would be the best option. A full roof replacement can resolve all these issues, unlike repairs that serve as a temporary patch and can become more expensive in the future. Installing a complete new roofing system eliminates such problems.

    • Updating an old roof

New roofs can protect homes from leaks, wind, storms, and other issues. Roofs that are older than 20 years are more susceptible to damage.

    • Fixing severe damage

It is more cost-efficient to replace the entire roof system when there is severe damage, though for minor issues a roof repair may be a good option.

    • Repairing storm damage

After a severe storm, it is best to evaluate the condition of the roof with an inspection performed by a qualified roofing contractor.

    • Adding value to the home

Renovations or adding a new roof to the property can add value and security to any home!

Ideally, you want to replace a roof before it starts leaking or failing. Every one to two years, contact a roofing specialist to inspect your roof, ensuring maximum protection for your home. These time frames are suggestions and depend on the area you live in and the weather your roof is exposed to. Locations that see frequent storms with severe wind will need to be inspected more often than roofs in more moderate climates.


Roof repairs and roof replacements are both acceptable choices when discussing the future of your roof. Choosing repair when you need a replacement can lead to water damage, but no worries! Our Klaus Roofing Systems’ roofing specialists can assist in finding the best option for a healthy home. Call today to schedule a free roofing repair or replacement estimate!

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