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Attic Inspection

Attic Inspections Under Your Roof

The underside of the roof is part of the system

Attic Inspection

A roof replacement installed at the right time is a practical investment in your home.

The condition of the attic is an integral part of the roofing system on your house. A Klaus Roofing Systems contractor can determine if the attic is contributing to any roofing problem with one of our high-quality attic inspections.

Contact your local Klaus Roofing Systems contractor to see how your attic may be impacting your roof system. Schedule a free attic inspection roofing estimate today!

How your attic impacts your roofing system

Home Attic Plan

Talk to your Klaus Roofing Systems representative about our Home Attic Plan, which can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient!

A leak in a roof can add to problems in the attic, such as moisture issues, wood rot, or pest infestations. At the same time, energy inefficiencies in the home and attic can affect the health of the roof. Some of these issues we look for during an attic inspection includes:

  • Mold on the roof deck: When air leaks up from the home and condenses on the roof deck, this causes mold.
  • Wood rot: Rotting wood usually occurs in areas where there has been leakage, such as near a chimney.
  • Unvented bath fans: Unvented bath fans is another source for hot air leaking up into the attic - which can result in moisture problems.
  • Bats, rodents, & pests: Rodents and other pests find small entry points, take up residence, and cause even more damage.
  • Leaky ductwork: If your attic has leaky ductwork, then this can cause you to lose energy,

Contact your local Klaus Roofing Systems roofing contractor today for an attic inspection and a free estimate!

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