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Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

Roof Installation by Klaus Roofing Systems

Our roofers pay attention to detail for leak-proof, durable, and beautiful results.

Innovative roofing solutions

Klaus Roofing Systems is revolutionizing how roofs are built, repaired, and maintained. Our passion for excellence and unique approach ensures durability, longevity, and beauty in every roof repair and roof replacement project. With The Klaus Roofing Way™, we guarantee protection to your home, superior craftsmanship from an OSHA-certified, licensed, and trained crew, and WOW! Service from start to finish. Our expertise and cutting-edge roofing techniques create roofs that will exceed your expectations!

Superior roofing methods & exceptional results

Klaus Roofing Systems is introducing a new era of roofing, ensuring excellence, quality craftsmanship, and reliable customer service through all phases of your roof repair or replacement project. Learn more about how our unique approach sets us apart:

The Klaus Roofing Way

The Klaus Roofing Way helps us set a higher standard for roofing, guaranteeing superior protection during the entire roof replacement or roof repair project with two-fold security measures. We provide methods, tools, and materials that prevent roof leaks and storm damage. Plus, we create a safe job site throughout the roofing project — this prevents damage to the property, cars, and landscaping. We also keep you, your family, and our crew safe by eliminating danger, like loose nails. The result? A stunning, high-performance roof that restores value and beauty to your home or building!

What does The Klaus Roofing Way include?

  • Property Protection
  • Proper Roof Installation
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Consistent Communication
Why Klaus Roofing

At Klaus Roofing Systems, our unique approach focuses on creating high-performance roofs and exceeding our customers' expectations. We ensure durable, beautiful, long-lasting results with superior quality materials and professional roof installation methods. Here are some ways Klaus Roofing Systems is setting even higher standards in the roofing industry:

  • OSHA-compliant, fully insured & trained roofers
  • High-performance roofing products, including wind-resistant & water-resistant architectural asphalt shingles
  • On-site project manager to ensure consistent communication from start to finish
  • Attention to detail, starting with a thorough roof inspection, quality materials & leak prevention
  • 50-year warranty on roof replacements
  • No Nail Guarantee ensures $1 for every nail found after cleanup — up to $100
  • Same-day, free roofing service estimates
Our Roofing Network

Klaus Roofing Systems is a network of independent roofers dedicated to setting new standards in the industry. They have exclusive access to continuous training, superior roofing materials, and solutions from the best roofing contractors in the nation, ensuring quality craftsmanship and an excellent customer experience. All of our dealers prioritize their customers' satisfaction and provide peace of mind with a 50-year warranty on roof replacements. They also adhere to strict standards for creating safe job sites to protect homes, buildings, landscaping, you, your family, and their crew. Our dealers even offer a No Nail Guarantee, promising $1 for every nail found after cleanup — up to $100.

Property Protection

One of the defining features of the roofing services from Klaus Roofing Systems is our commitment to prioritizing property protection. Our roofers ensure clean, well-organized trucks, equipment, and job sites to minimize damage and mess. They also guarantee respect for your property by covering landscaping, patios, decks, pools, outdoor furniture, equipment, cars, bikes, driveways, gutters, and other elements that could be disturbed by roofing debris near the home. Plus, our project managers are always ready to assist. So you can address any issues relating to the safety and appearance of your property. Once done, we thoroughly clean up. We even use an industrial-strength magnet to collect excess nails on the roof and property.


When making a serious investment in your home, like a roof replacement, you want peace of mind that you will have a successful project and the roof will last for years to come. Klaus Roofing Systems stands by proven roofing methods. So we offer a 50-year warranty with new roof installations. If your roof leaks within 50 years of a roof replacement with The Klaus Roofing Way, a contractor will repair it, providing all materials, labor, and flashings.

Schedule a roof inspection from the experts

When you need quality roof repairs or a replacement, contact a Klaus Roofing Systems contractor. Our unique approach focuses on providing high-quality roofing and a great customer experience, complete with an industry-leading 50-year warranty on roof replacements! Start by getting a thorough roof inspection. After, we'll provide a free, written estimate. Schedule a consultation with your local roofing company to learn more.

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