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Transforming the Roofing Experience

A roof is a complex system that provides critical protection against leaks, winds, storm damage, hail, and ice dams. A poor roof replacement or roof repair increases your risk of water damage and other ongoing issues in the future.

Klaus Roofing Systems was established to elevate the standards of how roofing services are delivered.  We specialize in high-quality solutions performed through a network of trained contractors in our unique approach to residential roofing.

Elements of Reliable Roofing

Choosing a roofing pro who offers the services you need can be tough. There's plenty to worry about, especially since late or missed appointments, unclear pricing, shoddy workmanship, poor communication, property damage, and messy debris are often the result of a typical roof replacement or repair project. Unless you're a contractor yourself, it is also difficult to trust the quality of their materials and the durability of your new roof installation.

You want a roofing contractor who prevents water and wind intrusion by paying attention to details at every layer, seam, and juncture. Simply put, a roof that protects and beautifies is more than just the shingles. Klaus Roofing Systems designed a set of standards and processes to improve residential roofing that we call The Klaus Roofing Way.

These standards include:

  • On-site project manager & active communication
  • Higher quality workmanship through training
  • Reinforcing each layer of the entire system to protect against roof leaks
  • Respect for your property & courteous service throughout the project

A Network of Great Roofing Companies

The roofing companies in the Klaus Roofing System are committed to a higher standard of roofing. Our network of locally-owned roofers are trained in The Klaus Roofing Way and equipped to deliver a quality roofing experience. Whether it's time for a new roof replacement or you need to repair a leaky or damaged roof, a Klaus Roofing Systems dealer can help!

Residential roofing services include:

  • Roof replacements: Whether you're looking for an upgrade, need to replace a heavily damaged system, or want to renew an old roof, a Klaus roofing systems dealer can help. Asphalt roof replacements come with superior craftsmanship, materials, and architectural dimensional shingles that are available in a variety of colors.
  • Roof repairs: Does your home have a roof leak, missing or broken shingles, or other signs of storm damage? If so, contact your local Klaus Roofing Systems dealer. It is important to address roof damage as soon as it happens. Roof repairs can extend the life of your roof and create a stronger system overall.

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