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Property Protection

Property Protection

We preserve your home & yard while roofing

Property Protection Methods

If you have extensive landscaping, Klaus Roofing Systems guarantees respect for your property.

Roofing is a messy business. Roof shingles can damage delicate plants when they are being torn off. Dislodged roofing nails are even more dangerous, as they can turn up months after the project is completed. A leak in a roof can also add to moisture, wood rot, pests, and water intrusion in the attic. At the same time, energy inefficiencies in the home and attic can affect the health of the roof.

A careless roofing company trying to finish a job quickly may cut corners and put your property at risk. Klaus Roofing Systems incorporates property protection throughout the entire project to ensure a safe site.

A Safe Site from start to finish

The yard is supposed to be safe for children and pets. So when the project is complete, you'll want to be sure your landscaping is intact. That's why we ensure your property is protected before your residential roofing project even begins. Our approach includes:

  • Proper preparation & equipment: We guarantee clean and well-organized trucks, equipment, and job sites.
  • Respect for property: Removing old shingles and roof decking can cause considerable debris. So before we begin a roofing project, we cover landscaping, plants, and other elements that could be disturbed by roofing debris near the home. This includes patios, decks, pools, pool decks, outdoor furniture, equipment, plants, garden beds, cars, bikes, driveway, gutters, sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, and any other fixtures that need protecting.
  • Better communication: With an on-site project manager, the communication lines are open. This ensures that you can address any issues relating to the safety and appearance of your property, like dumpster placement or contractors driving on your property to get access to the roof.
  • Thorough clean up: Cleaning up is a crucial part of any roof repair or roof replacement project, not an afterthought. If a project takes more than a day, we will leave the job site as neat as possible at the end of the day. After the project is complete, we use an industrial-strength magnet to collect excess nails on the roof and property.

No-Nail Pledge.

No Nail Pledge

As nails are uprooted, they can fly into the yard, driveway, and other areas where they'll be very hard to find. Months later, these loose nails can threaten children, pets, and car tires.

To prevent this, Klaus Roofing Systems contractors offer a No-Nail Pledge - which promises $1 for every nail you find after a roofing project up to $100.

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