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Protecting Your World With the No-Nail Guarantee

From installation to clean-up, we think about how nails impact the roof and even ensure they are clear from the yard after the project is complete. We also offer a No-Nail guarantee, promising $1 for every one found after we leave - up to $100.

From start to finish, Klaus Roofing Systems knows nails matter. That is why we choose high-quality roofing materials and are careful about how and where we install them. We also ensure your yard is nail-free and safe when we clean up after a new roof installation or repair project.

Thorough, magnetized clean-up.

When a storm hits, thousands of nails are what keep shingles attached to the roof. When a roof repair or replacement is completed, those nails can become loose and fall in the yard, which can injure family, guests, and pets. Plus, nails can poke holes in car tires and even launch and hurt someone if caught in a lawnmower.

That is why our roofers use powerful magnetic sweepers to collect loose nails throughout the property after we complete your services. And we are so confident in our cleanup process that we even offer a No-Nail Guarantee, promising you $1 for every one found once we leave, up to $100.

Nails matter with The Klaus Roofing Way

Many decisions go into building a durable, lasting roof. And with The Klaus Roofing Way, we guarantee quality at every layer of your roof repair or replacement. One of the most critical components of your roof is the nails. These hold your system together during windy storms, heavy rainfall, and freezing snow. That is why we don't use just anything to secure your roof.

Here's how we create a roof built to last with better nails:

  • Ring shank roofing nails: These are a cross between a nail and a screw, so you won't have to worry about high winds knocking them loose. Other roofers use smooth shank roofing nails, which pull out easier.
  • Six nails per shingle: Unlike other roofing contractors who use four nails per shingle, we use six - that’s 50% more nails! Reinforced asphalt shingles: While other shingles have a thin line indicating the nailing zone, we install reinforced shingles with a large nailing zone, so nails won't rip through them.
  • Avoiding common nailing mistakes: We avoid mistakes like installing nails at an angle, low-nailing, which can create leaks in the finished roof and is visible after the roof is installed, and high-nailing that tears through the shingle and has no holding power.

Quality protection at every layer

Whether you need a roof replacement or repairs, Klaus Roofing Systems adheres to the highest standards to ensure your system provides durable, lasting protection. We know every component matters when creating a quality system, especially the nails. Choosing the best nails keeps your system secure much longer.

Plus, we go the extra mile to remove every nail that flies into the yard after the project is complete by combing through your property with powerful magnetic sweepers. And we are so sure that we will leave your home better than we found it that we even offer a No-Nail Guarantee, promising $1 for every nail you find after clean-up, up to $100.

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