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Virginia Roofing Contractors

If you’re looking for the top roofing company in Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. The expert roofing company listed here is an authorized and trained dealer in the Klaus Roofing Systems network. Each roofer in this exclusive network is dedicated to offering high-quality roofing products and services to its customers.

Your Roof Deserves the Best Roof Repairs and Replacements

Your roof is a major system protecting your home. Every seam, joint, and layer work together to provide structural integrity and protection from water, hail, wind, and other outdoor elements. Whether your roof repair is an emergency or a task you've simply been putting off, the goal is to extend the life of your roof and prevent further damage. If your roof has noticeably aged or has experienced damage beyond repair, a roof replacement may be another option.

To ensure you get quality service for your next roof repair or replacement, look for the following three broad criteria:

Roofing expertise, training, and certification

All roofing contractors in the Klaus Roofing Systems network are OSHA-compliant, licensed, and insured. Our contractors are regularly trained in the proper diagnosis of roofing problems as well as the design, replacement, and installation of each roofing system.

High-quality roofing materials and systems

Klaus Roofing Systems doesn’t compromise on quality; we ensure it in every facet of the roofing system, including our high-performance asphalt roof shingles, wide sheathing seams, and our reliable hardware and trim. Your Klaus Roofing Systems contractor in Virginia uses superior roofing methods and materials backed by industry-leading warranties. Our roofers also walk you through every step of the process; ensuring a safe job site before, during, and after the project.

Respect for you and your property

Roofing can be a messy business and roofers can be classic “no show” contractors offering little communication when projects are delayed or put on hold. Each company in the Klaus Roofing Network is locally-owned and dedicated to offering top customer service, including better communication, project management, and property protection.

Why Do Virginia Roofs Fail?

The impact of storm & hail damage on roofs: When a residential roof needs a major repair or even a new roof, it’s likely a significant weather event has occurred. Tornados, thunderstorms, heavy winds, hail storms, and other severe weather can seriously damage your Virginia roof. A gale-force wind can drop a falling tree or major debris on your roof in a matter of minutes. Hailstones can vary in size but can scar and bruise a roof over time. Other weather elements, from extreme heat and cold, snow, sudden thaws and rapidly changing temperatures can lead to damaged shingles, hidden moisture issues, and obvious leaks.

Other causes and signs of roof damage: Roofs can begin to experience wear and tear over time due to milder weather effects. As your roof ages, it becomes less able to stand up to challenges, especially if it has been poorly maintained. Other factors like structural design or installation errors, improper attic ventilation, and sloppy temporary repairs can contribute to roofing problems. Superficial signs like curling shingles, missing granules, damaged flashing, moss, and spots on the ceiling are warnings of possible roof problems that should not be ignored.

Don’t wait until the roof has sprung an obvious leak. Your authorized Klaus Roofing Systems dealer in Virginia is ready to serve you!

Roof Repair & Replacement in Virginia

Give your roof the attention it deserves! Klaus Roofing Systems contractors are trained in offering quality roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof inspections. They’re experienced in ventilation, moisture control, roof leak diagnosis, and storm and hail damage, solutions that help Virginia homeowners stay safe and dry even in the toughest of storms.

Roofing Products & Solutions

  • Reinforced roof decking and durable synthetic underlayment
  • High-performance architectural asphalt shingles
  • Wide variety of shingle colors to match any home
  • Attic inspections
  • Industry-leading warranties

Benefits of Quality Roofing

  • Weather-resistant seals and trim
  • Wind-resistant up to 130mph
  • Resistant to algae, water, hail
  • UV protection against fading and weathering
  • Longer-life, lower maintenance cost, and added value and curb appeal

We’re Building a Better Roofing Network in Virginia

The Klaus Roofing Way is designed to ensure your next roof repair or replacement is worry-free and protects your home against leaks and storm-related roof damage, while also protecting your property during the process. Each roofer in our network focuses on safety, communication, and protection. Other benefits to choosing a Klaus Roofing Systems contractor include:

  • Trained installers in moisture control, ventilation, storm damage, energy efficiency, and more
  • OSHA-compliant, licensed, and insured
  • On-site property manager
  • Regular and consistent communication and courteous service
  • Free roofing estimates and financing options
  • Safe site promise: No-Nail Pledge and respect for landscaping and personal property

Get the Ball Rolling on Your Roofing Project Today!

Your roof is your Virginia home's first line of defense against the elements, whether it's heavy rainfall, hail, or severe winds. When damage occurs, it's better to schedule a roof repair or replacement sooner rather than later. Your local Klaus Roofing Systems dealer can help restore your roof to its former glory.

As part of the Klaus Roofing Systems network, you can count on them to deliver superior customer service, property protection, and workmanship. Don't wait; schedule a free estimate with your local roofing expert in Virginia today!

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