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Roof Replacement Restores Life to Home's Exterior

Roof replacements go deeper than the shingles. Before giving this customer a roof refresh, this local Klaus Roofing Systems contractor ensured the existing roof decking was intact. After taping all the plywood decking seams, self-sealing SealoronXT Ice & Water Barrier was installed to protect the home from water and leaks. As final prep for the new shingles, the roofers laid down our VeloraONE Roof Underlayment as an extra layer of protection against harsh weather. The customer selected new roofing shingles in the shade Biscayne, which perfectly complemented the home’s exterior. Water stains, mildew marks, faded shingles, and the old roof became a thing of the past.

New Perma-Boot Install over Roof's Vent Pipe

Many working elements of roofs must fit together to function properly. This customer needed a new roof with high-performance shingles and improved vent covers, so the Klaus Roofing Systems roofer installed a new Perma-Boot over the roof’s vent pipe. This Perma-Boot is gasketless and prevents common leaks around plumbing vent pipes on the roof. Our Perma-Boot vent cover is made of durable plastic that will not degrade under harsh weather conditions like many others on the market will.

Along with beautiful new asphalt shingles in the shade Nordic Brownstone, this customer’s roof is refreshed and stronger than ever. Every aspect of the new high-performance roofing system installed by the local Klaus Roofing Systems contractor will protect this home for years.

New Skylight and Asphalt Shingle Install

This customer requested an upgraded skylight along with their new roof, so their Klaus Roofing Systems dealer installed a Velux FS M06 skylight. Velux FS M06 skylights are proven to last 20-30 years or more, so we pair them with our durable roofing systems. The new skylight was a sleek and sophisticated upgrade that complemented the Nordic Sedona asphalt shingles perfectly. The roofers also installed our self-sealing SealoronXT Ice & Water Barrier made of rubberized asphalt to prevent leaks and provide protection from cold weather. This was especially important around the skylight as those often leak when the roof is not sealed properly.

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