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Upgraded Roof to Boost Curb Appeal

Choosing the right shingles can offer peace of mind and protection from all types of weather. Plus, they look good, boost curb appeal, and can increase the property's value. Before it was replaced, this roof had a leak and ugly black streaks, a symptom of algae growth.

The homeowners hired their local Klaus Roofing Systems contractor to replace their home’s roof. They choose the color Cornerstone for their architectural shingles. With a blend of brown and beige tones, the new roof color incorporates the darker beige shade of the house and complements the home’s white trim. With a roofing system designed to protect against leaks, blow-offs, and severe weather conditions, and a 50-year no-leak warranty, this homeowner was given the peace of mind of having a roof that protects them and their family from the elements while looking good from the street!

New Shadow Brown Premium Architectural Shingles Provide Pop In Roof Replacement

The Klaus Roofing Systems roofer transformed the look of this home and increased its property value with new Shadow Brown premium architectural shingles. Our roofing process ensures the roofing system is secure at every layer. These steps were followed to give the homeowners a beautiful, durable roof:

1. The existing roof decking was inspected and repaired before starting the shingle replacement.

2. Plywood decking seams were taped with SealoronXT Deck Tape.

3. The self-sealing SealoronXT Ice & Water Barrier was installed to protect the home from the elements, including temperature changes, weather conditions, roof leaks, and pests.

4. The high-performance synthetic VeloraONE Roof Underlayment was applied, providing extra protection against harsh weather and other extreme outdoor conditions.

5. Finally, the shingles were installed using six nails per shingle to provide lasting results to a beautiful finished product.

Earthtone Cedar Asphalt Shingles Brings New Life to Roof

This customer’s roof appeared to be in decent shape from the outside. But that only proves how necessary it is to perform a proper roof inspection beyond the shingles.

For their roof replacement, this customer chose roofing shingles in the shade Earthtone Cedar. This color scheme was similar to their original roof and allowed them to keep the overall look while improving performance. The Klaus Roofing Systems contractors secured each shingle with 6 high-quality nails that double as screws for extra security.

Our roof installation process ensures extra strength against the natural wear and tear your roof experiences. In addition to reliable roofing nails, the VeloraONE Roof Underlayment will provide protection against moisture, winds, and all seasons of weather.

Vibrant New Roof Using Shadow Brown Color Asphalt Shingles

This homeowner wanted to upgrade their stained roof and boost their home's value and curb appeal. Fortunately, Klaus Roofing Systems contractors have the skills, tools, and know-how to complete this roof replacement efficiently and seamlessly. The roofers installed architectural shingles in Shadow Brown on this homeowner’s roof, perfectly matching the shade of this home.

The process began by ensuring the existing roof decking was not damaged. After that, the plywood decking seams were taped with SealoronXT Deck Tape. Then, the self-sealing SealoronXT Ice & Water Barrier was installed to protect the home against leaks, cold temperatures, and other poor weather conditions. The Ice & Water Barrier by Klaus Roofing Systems is fully adhesive and made of rubberized asphalt so that this homeowner does not have to worry about their roof in poor weather conditions.

Next, the VeloraONE Roof Underlayment was installed, providing an additional barrier against harsh weather. It is ultra-durable and slip-resistant, standing up to wind gusts and heavy rain. Finally, the roofers installed the shingles using six nails per shingle, above and beyond the industry standard of four nails per shingle. Just look at the outstanding results!

Old Roof Gets a Facelift with Beautiful Roof Replacement

The Klaus Roofing Systems dealer completely transformed this home's look, feel, and value by installing new architectural shingles in Shadow Brown. It’s important to note that the Klaus Roofing Systems process protects the home at every layer to provide a long-lasting, beautiful roof.

The first step is to examine and repair the existing roof decking to ensure it’s secure. Next, the plywood decking seams are taped with SealoronXT Deck Tape. Then, the crew installs the SealoronXT Ice & Water Barrier, protecting the home from temperature fluctuations, roof leaks, pests, and other outdoor elements. After, the VeloraONE Roof Underlayment is applied, offering high-performance protection against extreme weather and other environmental conditions.

Finally, when the roof is secure, Klaus Roofing Systems roofers install the roof shingles using six nails per shingle. These asphalt shingles provide a beautiful finish, as seen with this home, and the extra nails ensure they stay in place and provide lasting protection.

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