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Roof Replacement by Klaus Roofing Systems

This one-family home was due for a roof replacement. To start this job, we tore away and disposed of one layer of existing roofing material. Next, we inspected the roof decking and found 5 sheets of plywood decking that needed to be replaced. We then installed two rows of Ice & Water Barrier as well as a layer of Owens-Corning ProArmor Underlayment to protect the home from inclement weather. For shingles, we installed a Klaus Roofing System using IKO Dynasty Shingles in the Cornerstone colorway. To finish the job, we installed a ridge vent and replaced the chimney flashing and vent pipe boot. This home is now complete thanks to Klaus Roofing!

Children's Academy Roof Replacement

This academy was facing issues with their roof and trusted Klaus Roofing to fix their problems. After tearing off one layer of existing roofing material, we replaced 10 sheets of damaged plywood decking. We then installed 2 rows of ice & water barrier near all roof eaves, valleys, chimneys, etc. In terms of shingles, we installed a Klaus Roofing System with IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles in the color Charcoal Grey. We finished the job by installing a ridge vent and a slanted style attic vent, to keep consistent attic ventilation. This academy is now safe & secure for years to come. 

Roof & Shed Roof Replacement

These homeowners decided it was time to replace the roof on their main house and the shed. To start, the roofers tore off one layer of asphalt roofing and replaced all damaged sheets of plywood decking. Then, the ice and water barrier was installed near all the eaves, valleys, chimneys, etc. Next, architectural shingles in the color Dual Grey were installed. A ridge vent was added to improve attic ventilation. Finally, the job was finished by removing the existing chimney flashing on the house and replacing it with brand-new lead flashing. Thanks to Klaus Roofing, this house, and shed are now secure against year-round weather conditions!

High Quality Roof Replacement

This single-family home was due for a roof replacement, so the homeowners hired their local Klaus Roofing Systems dealer to do the job—the roof replacement started by removing two layers of existing roofing materials and disposing of them properly. On the roof decking, three damaged sheets of plywood decking were replaced. To ensure protection from the weather, two rows of ice and water barrier were installed as well as a layer of synthetic underlayment. The homeowners chose architectural shingles in Charcoal Grey to accent the house's color. Finally, the vent pipe boot and chimney flashing were replaced. Thanks to the high-quality roof replacement from this Klaus Roofing Systems roofer, this home got greater protection against wind uplift, water penetration, and other severe weather conditions, and a boost in curb appeal! 

Roof Replacement with Cornerstone Color Asphalt Shingles

From keeping a house weathertight to enhancing its curb appeal, a roof has an important job. When it’s time for a new roof, the materials, installation, and color of the roof can significantly impact the result of the roof replacement. Here, architectural shingles in Cornerstone with shades of brown and beige give the house a rustic exterior and tie in with the surrounding elements.

As with any home remodeling job, the quality of the work is key. By hiring a Klaus Roofing Systems contractor, this homeowner was able to ensure they were installing an asphalt roof that would protect and enhance their home for years to come.

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