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Before & After Photos

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Norwood Roof Replacement Before and After

Before Klaus did a full roof replacement on this Norwood home, it was showing signs of ageing and wear. Note the discoloration and unevenness in the previous tiles. We fitted the home with a brand new Klaus roof that gives it a durable, attractive, and weatherproof finish. 

Skylight Replacement in North College Hill Ohio

Our crews replaced the roof and skylight on this Cincinnati home. 

Cincinnati Home Roof Replacement Before and After

This Cincinnati home had a roof that had experienced normal wear and tear over the life of the home. You can see that some of the shingles are chipped, uneven, or peeling up. We completely replaced their roof with a brand new Klaus. 

Damaged Shingles Replaced in Covington, KY

This home in Covington, KY, was over 100 years old. Due to time and weather, some shingles were damaged. We replaced them with our IKO brand architectural asphalt shingles.

Klaus Roofing of Cincinnati Replaces Missing Shingles on an Independence, KY Roof

Mr. Poynter of Independence, Kentucky, had missing shingles on his roof. His vent pipes were old and beginning to rust. He called us for a free roof replacement estimate. We replaced his shingles, venting pipe, ridge vent, raking, chimney flashing, and drip metal on all the eaves. 

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